Why the Writing Well Will Never Run Dry

Mommy blogging time! The reason I’ll never run out of things to write about has everything to do with my children. As long as I’m a mom (and that will be until I no longer exist), the writing well will stay abundantly full. Because when all other inspiration fails, my children will repeatedly bring writing alive in my life again and again. Now, I’m not leaving my husband out of the “giving honor where honor is due” mix. He was certainly the main catalyst for kicking my writing aspirations into drive mode, but my three children are my motivation for continuing to write even when I may feel a little lonely or lost during my writing journey. They are the ones who do the absolutely perfect thing or say the absolutely perfect words (without realizing it) to carry me through a period of self-doubt and indecisiveness about what I’m doing on this unpredictable road I’m travelling on.

I’m not going to draw this post out; but I will say that my babies (preadolescent to adult) have everything to do with my “why”. They’re the main reason I started blogging in the first place. Their vibrant and blossoming lives have provided rich material for many of my posts; and in everything I do with Degrees of Maternity (DOM), I have a feeling that any blessed outcomes from its reach will always point right back to those who provided the ignition for DOM from its very beginnings.

True to form, my children inspired this post . . . well, really one of them in particular. I’m referring to my nine-year-old son, Little Man. Here are the conversation pieces that led me to reflect today on how honored I am to be a mom to the children God blessed me with. Children can sometimes say the most timely words (just when you need to hear them the most).

First Example:

Little Man:  “Mother?”

Mom:  “Yes, Son?”

Little Man:  “I love you.”

Second Example:

Little Man:  “Mom?”

Mom:  “Yes?”

Little Man:  “Thanks for taking care of me. You’re the best Mom in the whole world.”

Third Example:

For this one, I don’t remember the exact words that were uttered from either one of us; but what I do remember is that Little Man said something about thanking God that He gave him “me” as his mother. I may not remember the exact words he said, but I vividly remember the emotion that came over me. It involved some overflowing of tear ducts.

Undoubtedly, my son is a flatterer; but the cool thing about his loving conversations with me is that I know he means what he says. Immediately following, there was a guaranteed smile after every one of these unexpected yet always welcomed interactions. I’m so thankful for the family that I’ve been given (not leaving Husband out of this discussion point:)) . . . a family that allows me the space and time to grow into a better version of myself with each passing day. THEY ARE THE REASONS WHY I WILL ALWAYS BE ABLE TO WRITE. What’s your “why”?

Why I Do This

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