Revving Up the 2019 Self-Publishing Goals

It’s great being back with you after the self-publishing of my book, Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the details, I would love for you to go to my Books page and have a look-see. I’m so excited to have completed this goal of mine and to be able to share it with you. I feel like my book baby is now living and breathing in this world; and I’m hoping that it will be a blessing to others as it has been a blessing to me. Although I’ve left one phase of my book, I’ve now entered into the book marketing phase. And I clearly see that there’s a substantial amount of work to be done on this end. But, I’m up for the challenge. The livelihood of my book baby is at stake! Anyway, enough of that . . . on to my book goals to close out the year.

I’ve briefly shared some of my goal-setting priorities for the remainder of 2019 with you. So, I’ll take this opportunity to go into a little more detail, regarding my intentions. (I’ll make sure to give you updates as things progress.)

  • For the month of October, my tentative plan is to complete my next book. (When I say “complete”, I just mean that my manuscript should be done by this point.) I’d like to make the book around 20,000 – 25,000 words with an accompanying workbook (possibly). From my figures, it looks like I would have about 27 good working days to get this done. And, I’d need to write at a minimum 800 words per working day. I previously made an attempt to start book #2 but abruptly cooled the jets to complete some follow-up work on Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult. I didn’t get very far during this attempt; so starting tomorrow (October 1, 2019), I will be starting from scratch and going full force on book #2.
  • My intention with book writing is to make smaller, more easily-consumable books that can be read in a few reading sessions but will continue to be evergreen in nature (meaning . . . the content will always be applicable and can always be returned to as a reference/resource). I do believe that I can get out what I need to say in 100 pages or less. I want the reader to be able to look at the book and say, “I think I can manage to read this book in its entirety.” Ideally, my overall writing goal is to be informative and helpful to the reader, while not wearing out my welcome.
  • Research on the audio book process also starts this week. I plan on looking into the process for ACX/Audible and Findaway Voices to get a feel for the audio book industry. I’d like to have an audio version of Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult out by the end of the year.

As you can see, I need to make some wise time-management moves since I’m looking to rev up the goal-setting and goal-achievement for the remainder of 2019. The future is promising and bright; and if I can get my first e-book and paperback book published, I feel like I can press on and make some of these other dreams of mine a reality as well. Onward March!

NEXT ⇒ As you can see, I’m knee-deep in goal planning; so you’ll see a continuation of the Goal-Setting Process in this week’s content.

Goals Board


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