Self-Publishing Lesson #4: Waiting Patiently is a Virtue + Exciting Announcement

Well, we’re at the end of this week’s blogging session at Degrees of Maternity and it’s been enlightening going down memory lane and reliving some of my self-publishing, eye-opening lessons learned. And, in keeping with this week’s theme, I thought I’d let you in on one more lesson before I head out for the weekend. And here it goes: some things just take time. Examples of things that are or have taken some time are as follows:

  • growing an audience for the content that I deliver.
  • developing my writing skills.
  • writing a book.
  • self-publishing a book.

On the last bullet point about self-publishing, I’m not referencing the overall self-publishing process, when referring to things that take time. (I’m fairly certain that anyone who’s been involved or done any research on the process is highly aware of the complexities and time-consuming factors that go into self-publishing.) What I’m actually alluding to is the physical step of pressing the “PUBLISH” button on your online book retailer’s site in order to make your book “LIVE” for the viewing audience. Unfortunately, there’s no immediate reaction (on my end, anyway), when the little button is pushed. It’s simply another waiting period (up to 72 hours, possibly) that begins to take place. It’s one of those moments that I have no control over . . .  another piece of the self-publishing puzzle that I’ll just have to wait out. The ideal scenario would result in patiently waiting, but patience is definitely one of those virtues I need to work on regularly and diligently.

Patience - Waiting

With all of that being said, I wanted you to know that, yesterday, I officially pressed the button to publish my book on Amazon. Exciting stuff! And there’s been some progress made. When I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning, my e-book was LIVE! Woo hoo! However, my paperback version was still “IN REVIEW”. So, I patiently (somewhat) waited until I checked back again at 8:45a. And, guess what! Both books are LIVE and ready for action.

I did want to make it clear to you that I planned on running a 3-day price promotion on the book right away; but apparently, I just landed in one of those waiting zones again. Once I realized I can’t run my discount until my book has been LIVE online for 30 days, I quickly made a call to verify my understanding. And, my hopes were officially shattered. Guess I misunderstood this piece of the puzzle. So, no-go on the discount at this time; but I’ll keep it in mind for future purposes. Just wanted to share how the best intended plans can be abruptly changed for you. Nevertheless, I’ll be updating my site today (adding a “Books” page to the main menu) with the link to visit my little nook on Amazon, so make sure you look for that.

The take-away from this lesson rings loud and clear for me. You can do what’s in your power to control to speed up the process; but most times, you just have to wait processes out and let them run their course.

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