Goal-Setting Freebie with Productivity Tips

I’ve got something for you… a free e-book before THE e-book.  Yes indeed, I thought I’d provide you with a little taste of some tidbits of information that may or may not be presented in my upcoming personal/professional development e-book to tentatively drop this June/July.  Some of the material will seem familiar to you if you follow this blog or the Degrees of Maternity YouTube channel; because you see, I’m all about setting goals and hopefully reaping the fruits from achieving them.  And, writing my first e-book (among other personal goals that I’ve set for myself) will definitely benefit from the travel accessories provided in the travel pack (link) below.  Having smooth travels is highly dependent upon the gear that accompanies you on your trip.  Hence… the purpose of the travel pack.


I’m excited to provide you with your own Degrees of Maternity Travel Pack (link below), full of the travel gear necessary to get you started on your goal-setting adventures.  Take a peek and see if you can use any of these items for your goal-setting (as well as goal-achieving journey).  I guarantee you’ll find these productivity accessories especially beneficial in getting you started and keeping you going on your goal-reaching journey of a lifetime.

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