Don’t Hold That Sneeze!

I just completed about 2 weeks worth of letting my winter cold run its course, and I promise you that I put up somewhat of a fight.  Over the past few years, I’ve learned not to be so quick to reach for the quick fix when it comes to applying healing balm for what ails the body.  The operative word in the previous sentence is “healing”.  And, the University of the Painful Truth has taught me that most of the over-the-counter concoctions (quick fixes) that you can find at your neighborhood pharmacy, convenience, discount, grocery, and one-stop-shop stores will work really hard to mask those pesky symptoms of the common cold and flu while neglecting to address the root cause of the problem that plagues you.  So, I’ve opted to take “healing” to a whole new level by applying true healing balm, using all-natural remedies that can attack the illness head-on without leaving unwanted side-effect residue.

When some unwanted intruder invades your personal space, the body works its hardest to combat the negative blows that pack a painful punch.  Just think about this scenario:  the next time you want to sniff in or inhibit a cough or sneeze, DON’T.  The irritating culprit mischievously at work is trying to find its way out (by way of the body’s exit strategy for worrisome invaders), so LET IT OUT… LET IT OUT!  Don’t hold that sneeze, that cough, or snot.  Let ‘er rip, blow it out, cough it up, and spit it out.  I think you get where I’m going.  Just get rid of the nasty infiltrators, already.  Of course, you’ll want to do your best to let things out without affecting, or infecting, those around you.  However, it takes dutiful skill to make sure you contain the spread of the nasty without inhibiting its release from your person.  Remember, imploding on yourself by holding something in that needs to come out should be avoided in most cases.  Usually, easy access to a tissue, the inside of a sleeve, or some other germ-catching containment unit may assist you with this effort.

We should all know that keeping the infectious reach of the nasty to a teeny tiny minimum is the preferred method and would be the responsible thing.  This goes without saying and isn’t really the scope of my discussion for this piece.  My goal today is to remind you of a few healthful and helpful substitutes to use in place of the chemically-engineered substances that are highly advertised as cures for our common illnesses.

  1. Drown out germs with water.  Don’t allow them to float around.  Wash them out with wave after wave of water intake.  You can’t get more all-natural than that.  Our bodies are overwhelmingly made up of water among other things; but when you think of healthful intake versus harmful intake, water fits the bill every time.
  2. Gargle with warm salt water to help with throat swelling and loosening mucus.  Salt provides anti-bacterial action in your mouth and throat and the warmth is soothing to the throat.  Be careful not to swallow the salt, though.  Yuck.
  3. Utilize the healing properties of essential oils as a viable treatment.  I’m fairly new to the essential oil bandwagon, so I can’t make suggestions based on personal experience for the treatment of a cold or flu.  But, I will say that I’ve heard of some very effective essential oils that have properties known for assisting with respiratory and lymphatic issues when inhaling, and/or ingesting, and/or topically applying such as lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils.  Of course, any essential oils should be researched and used as recommended by medical and/or aromatherapy-certified professionals.  I’m in the infancy stages of researching essential oil properties and uses and plan to be more proactive with using earth’s medicine the next time a treatable illness hits.
  4. Drink hot lemon water with honey (a.k.a., lemon tea with honey).  There’s so much goodness in this simple home remedy.  Well, I already explained that water is just good in and of itself in times of sickness.  Hydration is a must and water is the best option for keeping full of fluids.  Lemon has so many positive attributes, and one is its ability to attack congestion; while honey is helpful for soothing and coating the throat.  What a triple threat.  Note:  squeeze juice from a lemon instead of using prepared lemon juice.  There could be unwanted additives included in the prepared versions.  Also, look for honey in its purest form.  (My family purchases honey from a local farmer who distributes 100% raw honey.  Do your research).
  5. Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of the fruit group.  Instead of reaching for the Vitamin C pills, why not go directly to the source.  Get in some citrus with fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes.  Throw some apples in there too.  During times of sickness, it may be difficult to eat a normal diet, so drinking organic and 100% fruit juices is a close second.

sliced orange fruits

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